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About Us
Al Mashoura, Consulting firm was established to offer services in the field of finance, banking and training for the purpose of participating in the development of the managerial level of business in the financial Institutions, banks, corporations , public and private sector fields through presenting consulting services in all fields of business, and management preparation of Taylor made training courses, and on the job training, based on the latest advanced methods in the field of business, banking, and finance and according to the best practice methods presented in today world.

Al Mashoura offers it's services through a group of seasoned bankers, specialist practitioners, trainers and highly qualified consultants who participated in both the practical and academic field.
    Our vision         Our message        Our goals        Our consultancy services  
To present the best services on the local , regional and international level.
Consultancy in the field of banking, finance and training. Serve the banks and financial institutions and businessmen as a centre for excellence, developed through our group of seasoned bankers.
Ensure that training and human resources development is an assest to the institution
To help banks and financial institution in all field of activities their goals, by presenting innovative solutions based on practical professional technical experience presented by highly qualified experienced bankers.
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